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moving into the open plan living area, home entertainment is on the menu. the streamlined look fits in with the highest technology, home entertainment can offer. a range of configurations can be created with various options of shelves, storage cabinets, frosted glass doors and drawers. a host of lighting and handles are available whatever your needs. helena open plan living certainly has the style and the function to create the perfect family environment. other high gloss finishes available are white, black and grey.

open plan - inspires a modern lifestyle

by combining the kitchen and living area, the end result is open plan living. the entertainment side of the design creates a new modern look, turning two rooms into one big open living space. as more people opt for an open-plan lifestyle, the ability to co-ordinate furniture across different areas of the home becomes ever more important, with families wanting to spend that all too precious time together in one room.

in bygone days it was typically mum who was shut away in the kitchen unless of course your were a rich family who employed a cook to cater for all your culinary needs. now times have changed as the kitchen has become a major social hub of the home. family and fiends can spend time together in an environment that is both attractive and functional. with the modern sophistication of the kitchen mixed with comfort of the open plan living room the result is a lifestyle that brings everyone together.



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